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ConfirmX for Physicians

Join the ConfirmX network to acquire more patients.

Grow Market Share

Acquire more patients and reduce leakage from your system.

Increase Revenue

ConfirmX notifies you of 100% of referrals sent to you.

Increase office efficiency

Make it easier on your office staff with less paperwork and phone calls.

ConfirmX for Patients

Online Check-In

Find Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers nearest you and save your place in line.

Real Patient Reviews

ConfirmX allows you to view real patient reviews to determine if the facility is right for you..

For the Entire Family

Easily locate the closest Pediatric Urgent Cares and Pediatric Emergency Departments with ConfirmX.

ConfirmX for Emergency Rooms, Urgent Cares & Clinics

Easily Send and Track Referrals across your Referral Network.

Improved Revenue Stream

ConfirmX allows you to reduce network leakage and drives patients to your healthcare providers.

Increase Follow-Up Rates

ConfirmX instantly increases follow-up rates and simplifies the follow-up process of your patients.

Improve Provider Relationships

ConfirmX offers a soft hand-off, improving patient follow-up rates and stronger relationships among your referring providers.

Care Coordination Management

ConfirmX allows you to have visibility into patient status, allows secure communication, and allows for you to know when a visit occurs.

Connect Entire Referral Community

ConfirmX allows you to communicate securely with your entire referral network.

Decrease Patient Leakage

ConfirmX allows patients to quickly secure follow-ups with your healthcare providers as opposed to seeking care outside your network.

Physicians and Healthcare Organizations

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This feature is only available to patient accounts.